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Parish Council


The Parish Council serves the parish by praying, studying and listening to the pulse of the church and community. It actively participates by visioning, dreaming and planning for the long-range future of the parish and advising the Pastor in various matters.

A Parish Council is the “primary visioning body of the parish, this group assists the pastor in:

  • Soliciting the wisdom of the parish community on pastoral matters
  • Forming a consensus about pastoral planning, which address the needs of the parish.
  • Communicating that pastoral vision to the parish as a whole
  • Involving parish leadership on implementing the vision

Parish Council Members 

John Dominguez- Chairman
Betty Gonzales - Reporter
Mary Martinez
Gloria Hernandez
Micaela Franco
Loris Scott
Edward Lopez
Rudy Sustaita
Manuel Gonzales
Allison Jones
Tito Yanez